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A Response to Al-Mawrid's Declaration


(Meezan team's viewpoint on Al-Mawrid's declaration of legal and administrative distinction with ''Meezan.tv'') 

This is a fact that Meezan.tv and it's facebook page do not have any legal or administrative connection with Al-Mawrid. These are two separate organisations who have dedicated themselves for dawat-e-deen in their own ways. May God accept their efforts. Despite being separate organisations, their dawah targets are not far apart. For this very reason, even with some policy differences, there are mutual friendships, relations and cooperation between scholars and other members who are linked and/or working in one or the other organisation for more than 10, 20 or even 30 years. Meezan.tv is purely a dawah organisation, with a team consists of some seasoned companions of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi (since 90s) and Al-Mawrid's past and present members. Meezan's board includes the following:  

1: Qadeer Shahzad, president (ex-editorial assistant of Monthly Ishraq, ex-director publications Al-Mawrid and a current member of Al-Mawrid UK), 

2: Ahmad Farooq, secretary general (ex-director public relations Al-Mawrid and ex-personal assistant to Ustaz Javed Ahmad Ghamidi), 

3: Syed Manzoor-ul-Hasan, member (ex-associate fellow Al-Mawrid, and current editor of Monthly Ishraq)

4: Jamal-e-Mustafa, member (current member of Al-Mawrid UK)

5: Hasan Hameed, member (a co-founder member of UIUK; an ex-affiliate organisation of Al-Mawrid) 

All five of these overseas Pakistanis consider Javed Ahmad Ghamidi their compassionate teacher, an intellectual guide and a great asset of the Ummah and they consider Al-Mawrid as their mother institution. All of them believe that the immense success of Meezan.tv was never possible without the blessings of God and prayers of Ustaz-e-Mohtaram. Otherwise these few men (with their compromised abilities, limited income & resources and very little leftover time from their permanent full time jobs and families) were not capable of achieving this goal of producing the most prominent and outstanding website of Dabistan-e-Shibli and Fikar-e-Farahi and successfully deliver it's dawah message to a viewership of hundreds of thousands. Apart from the blessings of Ustaz, Meezan team feels humbled on receiving the invaluable moral support and blessings from the companions of Ustaz-e-Mohtaram and (time to time) generous practical cooperation of brilliant scholars of Al-Mawrid when required. Vice Presidents of Al-Mawrid, Dr. Khalid Zaheer, Dr. Shehzad Saleem, and it's board members respected Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Altaf Mehmood, Dr. Munir Ahmad and Parvaiz Hashmi have always been very kind and cooperative in their personal capacities. Al-Mawrid's senior scholars including writers of Monthly Ishraq have also been a great occasional support for example, respected Kokab Shehzad, Rafi Mufti, Talib Mohsin, Sajid Hameed, Abu Yahya, Ammar Khan Nasir, Naeem Baloch and Dr. Waseem Mufti. May God bless them more for their non-stop and timely cooperation.

Due to this obvious, long and continuous relationship with the ideology of ustaz Javed Ahmad Ghamidi and respected friends and fellows of Al-Mawrid, it is quite possible especially for the new audience to get confused as if Meezan.tv is an Al-Mawrid affiliate organisation, or can even be considered a branch of Al-Mawrid. Probably to avoid such an ambiguity or any misunderstanding, Al-Mawrid's administration has recently issued a declaration of administrative and legal disconnection with Meezan.tv and have made it public. Meezan team members fully welcome and endorse this declaration and accept it as a matter of fact. Kindly note that members of Meezan team individually or collectively have never ever made such a claim of having an administrative or legal link with Javed Ahmad Ghamidi or Al-Mawrid. We truely believe that making such a claim will be a false claim, and it will be dishonesty not only to our viewers but to ourselves as well.

Lastly, although we do endorse Al-Mawrid's current declaration, but at the same time, we do sincerely hope that sooner or later, situations will arise when there will be administrative links between these two organisations along with the existing intellectual connections. InshaAllah.  

Meezan Team

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