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Alhamdolillah, it has been many years since meezan.tv started its journey. Our goal is to spread and facilitate Islamic education by clarifying misconceptions and disseminating correct religious understanding. We are a non political and nonprofit making organization. Our focus is solely on Dawah by sharing and spreading educational work of Ustaz Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi, Maulanna Wahiduddin Khan and other learned scholars from Dabistan-e-Shibli.

Meezan.tv WhatsApp service:

To subscribe our WhatsApp broadcast messages service (One msg a day), kindly take 2 simple steps:

  1. Please save the telephone number of ‪Meezan.tv in your contacts list ‪00923316156889
  2. Please send us a WhatsApp msg with “YOUR NAME” on this number ‪00923316156889

Once you have completed the above 2 steps InshaAllah you will start receiving our WhatsApp messages.

Note :

  • You may not able to receive our messages, if our number is not saved or deleted from your contacts.
  • This telephone number is only for whatsapp Dawah messaging service. We are unable to answer any other query/call on this number as it is not monitored. Please visit Contact Us for any comments, suggestions & feedback. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

We would highly appreciate if You can join us to spread the Dawah work by sharing our WhatsApp messages and contents of Meezan.tv with your friends and family to spread the knowledge of Deen. 

Jazak’Allahu Khairun